Conference & Exposition on Health Tourism
03 & 04 July 2019 : Hotel Le Meridien, Kochi, Kerala


    KERALA STATE OFFICE,10th Floor, Abad Nucleus Mall & Office, Marudu P O Kochi - 682 304; E-mail:
  2. Venue: Hotel Le Meridien, Kochi
  3. Hours of the Exposition:
    03 July 2019 – Exposition Inauguration at 1130 Hrs
    03 July 2019 : 1130 hrs – 1800 hrs
    04 July 2019 : 1000 hrs – 1600 hrs
  4. Exhibitor: Any Company / Organisation / Country participating in Kerala Health Tourism
  5. Exhibition: Kerala Health Tourism 2019; 03 & 04 July 2019
  6. Exhibitor Eligibility: Any Indian / Overseas Company / Organisation
  7. Space Rent and basic condition for participation:
    1. Built-up Indoor / Outdoor Space: The organizer will provide built-up modular stall size of 3 x 3 Sqmtrs or 3 X 2 Sqmtrs for exhibitors. Each stall will have one table, two chairs, one spot light, one electric plug points, one waste basket, a fascia with company name (Exhibitors will not be allowed to have extra fascias other than the one provided by the organizer, general security and conservancy.
    2. The prospective Exhibitor should apply on the Exhibition Space Booking Form, together with payment. Allotment will be on “first come - first served basis” subject to receipt of all payments. All payments should be made by at par cheque / demand draft payable to ‘CONFEDERATION OF INDIAN INDUSTRY’ Kochi. Organizer reserves the right to reject or cancel any space booking if stall rent specified is not paid by the exhibitor in the stipulated time.
    3. The Organiser reserves the right to reallocate space, and vested with full authority to enforce all the rules and regulations pertaining to the Exhibition. Its decision will be final and binding in all respects and for all concerned.
  8. Cancellation: Cancellation will not be allowed once booking is done.
  9. Allocation of Space: Allocation of the position and dimensions of the stall will be decided by the Organisers.
    The decision of the Organisers in regard to stall/space allocation will be binding. The organisers reserve the right, should circumstances necessitate, changing the position or dimensions or area of the stalls.
  10. Design and Construction: The Organisers will have the right to decide on the fulfillment of the rules, and the authority to demand removal/change of anything that is not according to the rules. The decision of the Organisers in this regard is final and binding.
  11. Subletting of space is not allowed. However Exhibitor companies can promote their group companies. Any violation will be dealt with seriously and the organisers decision will be final.
  12. Photograph: The Organisers have exclusive right to take photographs and films of the exhibition stalls. Prior permission of the Organiser will be essential for taking photographs and films by the exhibitor and others. The exhibitors can, however, take photographs of their stall and visitors to their stall.
  1. Damages: Exhibitor will be required to make good all damages, or make payment for damages incurred during setting up and / or Exhibition period and / or dismantling period at the exhibition centre.
  2. Removal of any Exhibit during the Exhibition period is prohibited.
  3. Exhibitors are free to employ / appoint a freight forwarder of their choice except for the handling in the Kerala Health Tourism 2019 venue.
  4. Insurance: Against all ascertainable risks from transportation to display and removal should be done by Exhibitor at his own cost. The Organiser will be no way responsible.
  5. Settlement of Charges: Any and all expenses chargeable to an Exhibitor must be settled before the close of the Exhibition to ensure smooth removal of goods from the Exhibition site.
  6. Show Hours: Exhibitors will be allowed to enter the venue one hour before opening and must leave at least half an hour after closing for security reasons.
  7. No exhibitor will be permitted to exhibit unless he has paid prior to the exhibition all fees agreed to. Registeration of Space will be only against the full payment
  8. Exhibitors are expected to comply with any building regulations and ground regulations and all government rules and regulations.
  9. Attendance hours shall be controlled solely by the organiser who will specify hours, etc.
  10. The organiser will not be responsible for any loss or damage by fire or injury of any nature to any person or article. Security will be on duty, day and night, but the organiser, while taking at most precautions against loss, will not guarantee against it and it is hereby expressly released from any liabilities for injury, theft or damage therefrom.
  11. The Organiser is not responsible to assist the exhibitor in obtaining passport and visa, for entry into the country where the exhibition is to be held. The fact that the exhibitor is unsuccessful in obtaining his documents form the necessary government authorities will not constitute a basis for cancellation of this contract / application and it is understood that no refund what so ever will be made by the organiser. The Exhibitor however, may substitute another company who meets the entry and government formalities necessary for entry into the country where the exhibition is to be held. Such substitution shall be the sole responsibility of the contracting exhibitor.
  12. The organiser is not responsible for any loss, damage or delay incurred in freight shipments (transport handling and clearing)
  13. All materials to be removed within the stipulated date from the venue. Organiser will not be responsible if the exibitor is failed to comply with the date.
  14. Acceptance of rules: By submitting the exhibition space booking form, the applicant undertakes to adhere to all the rules and regulations laid down by the Organisers or to be framed by them from time to time.